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Recap from Fall 2011

Before the fall of 2011

Adventure Synopsis

Salim Short as Rubiscus the clever one liner half-orc fighter
Kyle Murfitt as Ttirum Elyk the ladies man elf wizard
Steven Dowell as Thoradin the questioning dwarf paladin
Alex Weiner as Nightlock the shady human rogue
Jeff Oliveria as Lambert the tough as nails gnome cleric

The adventure began as the five met for the first time as outsiders at a festival in a small shore town called Sandypoint. The festival was celebrating the opening of the new cathedral. Father Zantus helped break the ice for the five travelers.
Just as Father Zantus was about to give his speech to the crowd, shrieks could be heard from the distance. Goblins descended upon the town. Ttirum blasted a goblin off the table, Sal’s glimmering sword swiftly chopped up another goblin, and Thoradin questioned the morality of killing the goblins. But as the goblins continued to slash at dogs and children, Thoradin began to accept the party’s use of violence.
The battle eventually led the party to a particularly strong goblin whipping a human while singing sadistic songs of war. Rubiscus worked his blade and beheaded the singing goblin, upon which the surrounding goblins retreated out the gate. Some goblins threw themselves off of a nearby cliff to avoid capture. One goblin jumped in a barrel to hide, but, because the barrel was half full, it drowned.
After the mayhem was over, the human introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove. He was particularly impressed with Rubiscus’s performance, and so promised to give the party 50g if they met him at the Rusty Dragon Inn.
Despite hearing of a body being stolen from the cemetery, the party headed to the Inn. There Foxglove gave the 50g for their heroism and offered them to a boar hunt outside of town. At this point, Ttirum started to hit on the young cook Ameiko, but the party grew tired of this and headed out anyway.
Throughout the boar hunt, Foxglove tried to befriend Rubiscus by asking him about his training and things. It was Nightlock who killed the boar, which they brought back to Ameiko to cook.
The next day, the party was approached by a young woman named Shayliss Vinder. She told Ttirum that her father, the armor shop keeper Ven Vinder, was having rat problems in the basement. She refused to have the whole party, stating that it was a one man job. Eventually just Ttirum went with her. Upon reaching the basement of the shop, he discovered a single bed instead of rats. She told him to keep this activity a secret, because her father was already suspicious of her sister Katrine’s affair with the miller. Just as things were about to go down, Ven Vinder came down the stairs. Before Ven could beat Ttirum’s scrawny ass, Ttirum quickly casted a stun spell on Ven, and bolted out the door.
After this, Ven refused business with the party despite Nightlock’s persuasive prowess.
A distraught lady and her child raced towards the party. The previous night, her husband found a goblin hiding in the closet in her boy’s room. So, he went upstairs to take care of the goblin, but never came down. The party went to the lady’s house, and found the father laying face down on the floor while bumping his head inside the closet. As the party approached, the father stopped bumping his head. Thoradin pulled the father out of the closet, only to discover the man’s face completely clean of flesh. Rubiscus chopped straight through the closet, but hit nothing. From a hole in the floor boards inside the closet, a goblin jumped out. Quickly the party killed the goblin, just as the Sheriff Hemlock arrived on the scene.
As the a few guards filed in to take of the body, Sheriff Hemlock revealed that the Inn’s cook Ameiko had been kidnapped. Ttirum told the party that goblins love trash, and so the party proceeded towards the town’s trash cliff. Nightlock attempted to climb down the cliff, only to slip and fall; he landed at the bottom unconscious and bleeding out. Creatures in the trash started to move, and Lambert started to climb down after Nightlock, only to fall himself. Lambert landed near Nightlock badly hurt, but still functioning. Lambert healed Nightlock and himself, while the others looked around for a safer way down. After the party regrouped, they searched around and found a dead man encased in hardened glass sitting in a wooden chair.
The party went to the glass factory, were they fought a group of six goblins. They caught site of a half-elf, who ran away as soon as the last goblin was slain.

Fall of 2011

(This is just a short recap)

The party begins in Riddleport, a town with a weird black cloud and a giant stone arch over the harbor. They go into the bar and are followed by a creepy halfling. After confronting them, he leads them to a strange tomb in the middle of the woods embedded into a cliff. The party is ambushed by a 6 bandits in coordination with the halfling.

The party slays the bandits, and capture the halfling. The party goes back to town to resupply, but the halfling escapes. The party returns to the tomb to explore and find a mysterious scimitar and a pit full of faceless zombies. They jump over the pit and discover a naked young lady within a chamber of bones. Eventually she transforms into a horrible beast without eyes and a giant mouth for a head, and the party kills it.

The party goes back to town, where a giant tsunami pulls Rubiscus out to see, but he is strong and swims back. Then a rock from the sky falls onto an island off the coast. The party wants the skymetal, so they secure passage to the island, only to find that the island is ravaged by strange aberrations. Dog-like creatures with tentacles coming out of their necks and no ears.

They are eventually cornered inside a four story tower with a hot elven chick trying to protect her friends. But anyone bitten by these aberrations seems to turn into a zombie. The aberrations start to break into the tower, and eventually the tower falls on its side and starts rolling down the slope with the party inside. Eventually the tower hits the water and it’s discovered that salt water acts like acid against the aberrations.


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